Dorinda Medley has been labeled as the troublemaker on this season of The Real Housewives of New York. Even though Dorinda hasn’t actually spread any rumors or caused any major issues, such as bringing up cheating rumors, she has been actively stirring the pot. Medley may even have added to stories about Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan to get Luann de Lesseps angry enough to confront them. Medley even admitted to her behavior on Twitter, saying she really couldn’t help herself.

According to a new tweet, Dorinda Medley is continuing her comments about issues that she’s not involved with, as she decided to open up about her feelings in regards to Luann de Lesseps and Thomas D’Agostino. Of course, Dorinda set them up, so she wants the best for them. So when she learned that Bethenny Frankel had information about Thomas cheating on her friend, she immediately came to Luann’s defense.

Dorinda Medley says Bethenny and ‘RHONY’ co-stars planned ambush

“It’s so heartbreaking isn’t it??? Sad… And I really don’t like how it was being set up. Almost like an ambush right??” Dorinda Medley tweeted after seeing Bethenny tell both Ramona Singer and Carole Radziwill about the picture and text messages she received in the middle of the night, just 48 hours before Luann’s engagement party.

“OF COURSE THERE HAS TO BE A PLAYBOY BUNNY INVOLVED…..,” Dorinda wrote on Twitter in shock, adding about the girls’ reactions, “What a thing to say….

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It’s really none of anyone’s business….”

It sounds like she thinks that Bethenny tried to create drama by telling her co-stars rather than just tell Luann in confidence.

Dorinda Medley focusing on being a friend to Jules Wainstein

The confrontation and the aftermath of the situation will play out on the next few weeks on The Real Housewives of New York, so Dorinda may not need to be there for her friend.

Instead, these days, Dorinda Medley has been a support system for her friend, Jules Wainstein, who is learning how to move on without her husband, Michael Wainstein. Michael cheated on Jules for a long time, but it took her a while to catch all of the red flags that were happening.

What do you think of Dorinda Medley calling the cheating rumors heartbreaking? Do you think Bethenny really tried to set up Luann de Lesseps?

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