Donald Trump became a household name for many people when he was the head guy on NBC's The Apprentice, although that all fell apart once he announced his decision to run for president. He had teased this run in previous years, oftentimes thought by most to be a game to garner buzz for his television show. However, this time, he moved ahead on the idea for real and its been quite the ride. Now people are buzzing about things he allegedly said in earlier years about running the show from the White House.

What is the supposed connection between The Apprentice and a Trump White House reign?

As The Hill details, talk of Donald Trump running The Apprentice while sitting in the White House as president was seemingly a topic of conversation several years ago and it was reported a couple of months ago by Sarah Ellison via Vanity Fair. However, the tidbit seemed to fly by without being noticed until now.

According to Ellison, back in 2011 there was a conversation between Trump and NBCUniversal Chief Executive Steve Burke.

During the talk, Burke allegedly told Trump that he should run for president and if he happened to win, he could then continue to lead The Apprentice from the oval office. Of course, most people know that such a thing wouldn't be quite so simple, but the alleged discussion is certainly an interesting one considering all that has transpired with the network, the show and “The Donald” over the past year.

This apparent conversation started generating buzz over the weekend after Ellison talked about it again during a podcast of The Takeaway over the weekend. Of course, after Trump's initial campaign announcement, which generated a lot of negative buzz, NBC cut ties with him and the next season of The Apprentice will feature Arnold Schwarzenegger in Donald's place. While the presidential candidate won't be leading the show from the White House, regardless of the election results, the buzz is that he is still looking to utilize his campaign and energized base of supporters to launch something else in the media realm.

Does thisApprentice connection shed new light on Donald Trump's motivations for running?

Some have questioned Trump's sincerity in wanting to be president, and it sounds as if some insiders are acknowledging that his focus may well be on finding a way to take advantage of the media attention in a way that he can monetize for himself. Of course, he would not be the only candidate to head from an election to a media gig of their own, but the buzz is that Donald wants to do this in a bigger way than what others have previously done.

Does Donald Trump truly want to be president or, as this alleged discussion during his The Apprentice days would suggest, has it really all been about ratings, media, and his brand?

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