Dileep and Adoor Gopalakrishnan are two versatile artists known for their impeccability in different poles of filmmaking. The Kunjikoonan actor is known for delivering mammoth commercial hits, while the Vidheyan director has mesmerized genuine film lovers all over the nation with his top-rated offbeat narration techniques.

Expectations were sky high when this duo joined hands for Pinneyum. The film made its way to the screens on August 19, 2016, and as expected, this movie is getting favorable reviews.

A genuine love story

Gopalkrishnan, through this feature, has blended enough class with adequate commercial elements.

From the beginning, the director has shown his Midas touch in terms of magical frames and narration. Unlike other Adoor Movies, this outing will be known for his fast paced story telling style. It does not mean that the movie is full of cinematic gimmicks, but this picture offers you the needed pace for a genuine movie lover to enjoy the running time without any boredom.

In this film, we can see the tale of love between Purushothaman and Devi played by Dileep and Kavya Madhavan respectively. Their love, intense emotions, heavy quarrels and other family elements forms the major crux of this picture.

Dileep at his best

This movie solely belongs to J Dileep. The 47-year-old star has once again proved that he has the caliber to portray serious characters too with finesse.

His subtle acting may remind us of his previous class movies Kadhavasheshan,Orma Mathram and Arike.

Kavya who did the role of lady lead too has given full justice to her character.

The controversial couple has shown unquestionable on-screen chemistry, and it is real treat to watch them.

The ultimate verdict

This is Adoor's latest flick after eight years of hiatus.

The maverick craftsman has delivered his best, and he has not disappointed the movie-buffs who are celebrating his glorious fifty years in the cinema industry. In all probabilities, 'Pinneyum' will evolve as the first commercial hit in the career of the director.

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