Chelsea Houska recently told fans that she would be taking part in a gender photo shoot next month in honor of her second child, but has she already revealed the baby's gender? According to a new report, fans are convinced the Teen Mom 2 star is having a boy after she shared a few things she had purchased for the child on social media.

Days ago on SnapChat, Houska shared a sneak peek of her baby's bouncer and right away, fans accused her of spoiling her upcoming gender reveal with the green and tan item. "Your recent snap gives away the gender," one person wrote, according to a report by the InternationalBusiness Times on August 30.

“Puppies and orange give away gender?!” Chelsea Houska asked in response to her fans' claims. Then, after revealing that she had purchased the item prior to finding out what she was having, she added, “Not worried about it...We bought all gender neutral baby accessories that could be used for boys or girls.”

Chelsea Houska announced she was pregnant in July

Just months before she was set to walk down the aisle with fiance Cole DeBoer, Chelsea Houska made a shocking announcement to fans, in which she revealed she and DeBoer were expecting a baby in February. At the same time, Houska took to Twitter, where she confirmed she was still planning to marry DeBoer on their original wedding date. She also added that she would likely have to make alterations to her wedding gown.

Speaking to fans in her pregnancy announcement, Houska revealed she was thrilled to be welcoming a child and said her daughter Aubree was excited as well. However, as Houska explained, Aubree doesn't want just any baby -- she wants a baby girl. As fans will recall, Aubree welcomed her first sister two years ago during her father's relationship with Taylor Halbur.

Although the couple ultimately split, they continue to co-parent their daughter, Paislee.

Chelsea Houska andher family are currently in the midst of filming on the upcoming season of MTV's Teen Mom 2. No word yet on when the show will return.

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