The voting for the final America's Care Package was short this time. Fans have always had days of voting to make the Friday delivery. With the Battle Back,BigBrother couldn't open the voting until we knew which jury member was returning, so we onlyhad 10 hours to logon and cast a vote.When the Big Brother houseguests gathered in the yard and checked the package it was Corey that it was awarded to. With Nicole going on to win the POV, the Nicorey showmance holds all the power in the house for the week.

Did Big Brother give the power we voted for?

When we voted on the care package, it clearly states on that the bribe can be used for one houseguest to perform anaction up to the eviction. The card Corey read said through the next HOH. There have been complaints on social media from Big Brother fans that something was awarded other than what we voted on. Would it have changed if another houseguest had received it or was this change made to benefit Nicorey?

What is Corey considering using it for?

Now that Corey has the bribe to use, he has come up with several ideas on how to use it. At the beginning of this HOH period, when he first received it, he discussed buying his way out of being a Have Not by paying Paul to trade with him for the week. Paul wanted to do it but suddenly the talk of this stopped. Possibly when Corey checked in the Diary Room as he said he would?

Corey and Nicole talked about using it in the next HOH to get someone to drop out. Word of this got around the Big Brother house and there was talk on the feeds. James and Paul both said they would take that deal. Corey must not have heard this in between naps because he is now talking about using it to ensure Victor votes Michelle out this Thursday. It would make Victor and Paul both feel more safe and solid on their Final 4 with Nicorey and allow Nicole to leave the nominations the same.

The thing is, Corey hasn't done his homework. There is no way Victor would vote out Paul on Thursday. Whatever he does with the bribe, it isn't looking like it will be a game changer.

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