Versatile performer Vijay Sethupathi known for his portrayal of characters in the most impeccable manner is back with another film Dharma Durai which is being directed by Seenu Ramasamy. The film hit the screens today, August 19, 2016, in all corners of South India, and credible reports from theaters state that this movie has succeeded in impressing both audiences and critics.

If everything goes well, this outing too will emerge as a big hit, and it is expected to take the star value of the young actor to new heights.

A story about healthcare industry

Vijay has done the character of a doctor in this movie.

The maverick physician during his professional life finds his soul mate, and soon he falls in love with that girl.

Things take a new turn in his lifewhen he gets nabbed in a criminal case. Will he overcome the tough situations? The answer for this question forms the remaining part of this Ramasamy directorial.

A million questions to answer

The director has handled a very socially relevant theme in this film. The filmmaker asks us many questions, and most of them are literally mind blowing. Most of the queries asked by the makers have significant values in the current Indian society, and this makes Dharmadurai a winner.

With both the halves paced well, Seenu has crafted a film which is a quality commercial entertainer.

Stellar performances from the lead stars

The unique selling point of this movie is none other than Vijay. The youthful celebrity was in his full swing, and he portrayed the role of a committed doctor with ease and finesse.

The heroines in this picture, Tamannaah Bhatia, Aishwarya Rajesh and Srushti Dange have all done a decent performance.

All these three actresses looked so charming in nature, and it was is a real pleasure to see them on screens.

Box-office prediction

Considering the number of playhouses in which this flick is released, the movie is touted to collect more than Rs 06 Crores by the end of this weekend. It is locking horns with Srikanth's Nambiar.

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