Jamie LynBauerhas had a long history on Days Of Our Lives. Though she isn't a regular anymore she does visit and help enhance the storyline from time to time as Dr. Laura Horton.

History of Dr. Laura on Days of Our Lives

In the 70's, Dr. Laura suffered from severe depression. As she struggled with it, she learned that her husband (Bill) had been having an affair with Dr. Kate Winograd, which put her over the edge. She began hearing the voice of her mother who had committed suicide, leading to an attempt to hang herself.

Bill found her in time but she had already lost touch with reality. She was committed into Lakewood Sanitarium. After 17 years Dr. Laura was moved to Pine Haven Sanitarium where the storyline continued with workers keeping her drugged so they could keep billing the Horton family for her extended stay. Eventually she was released but did not move back to Salem.

Dr. Laura has had some appearances on Days of Our Livesover the years. She was in Salem when Jennifer married Jack. Dr. Laura also arrived to say goodbye to Alice and spent time reminiscing with the Horton clan about better times.

Is she in Salem to help Jennifer?

Thanks to SoapOperaDigest.com we know that Dr. Laura does some scenes with Chad. It leads us to assume that she has come to town to help Jennifer, who she hasn't seen in a long time,through the disappearance of Abigail and to meet Thomas,her great grandson. Will she notice her daughter has developed an addiction?

Bauer has been a part of the Days of Our Lives family as well as The Young and the Restless. Her first soap appearance was on The Young and the Restless when she played Lorie from 1973 to1982.

Her time on Days of Our Lives was from 1993 to1999. She made quick appearancesin Salemin 2003, 2010, and2013.

The 68 year-old actress will be in at least 3 episodes but hints at more on her Facebook page. Because the show tapes so far in advance, the arrangements were made last Spring even though the episodes won't air until the first week of September.

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