Kassie Wesley DePaiva is well known in the soap community. She plays Eve on Days Of Our Lives and has been on One Life to Live as well. Kassie was just asked to come back toDays of Our Livesright before the hiatus for the Olympics and was preparing for her return to Salem.

What is her diagnosis?

During the hiatus, Kassie saw a doctor and was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Though she had to spend 6 of the last nine weeks in the hospital, she is in very good spirits and remains positive about her upcoming treatments.

Kassie will receive a series oftreatments for the next 3 months. At this time the doctors are saying she will not need a stem cell or bone marrow transplant. They are optimistic for a complete recovery.

Kassie speaks out on her diagnosis

Kassie tells us on her webpage, kassiedepavia.com, that though this is a private matter she wanted the Days of Our Lives fans to know that she plans to be back in Salem soon. She admits she isn't "camera ready" at this time but is very positive.

Kassie says she has a strong faith and a wonderful support system in her family and friends.

With their love and support, she is facing this as just a "bump in the road". She does ask that everyone keep her in their thoughts and prayers while she travels this journey.

What are the symptoms of her cancer?

Leukemia is a rare and the type Kassie has is on the even more rare side of the spectrum. The initial symptoms can mimic those of the flu. Aches, Fatigue, shortness of breath and fever.Another symptom is bruising or bleeding easily from a minor injury.

When found early, as Kassie's apparently was, the prognosis is good.

The Days of Our Lives spoilers have Eve returning to Salem after last being seen when she left for New York. With the prison break of Clyde, Xander, and Orpheus she is going to be surrounded by danger very soon. Orpheus has Eve on his list of those to take vengeance on.

We wish Kassie DePavia a speedy and full recovery. Days of Our Lives fans will be happy to see her return to Salem soon.

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