Days of Our Livesspoilers reveal that some very big drama is about to happen in Salem. In the newly released fall preview, a shocking moment occurs when some of the soap's former villains break out of prison and return to town to exact revenge on their enemies.

According to reports, Clyde Weston and Xander Harris will both escape prison to return to Salem. Clyde will want revenge on his ex-girlfriend, Kate Roberts, while Xander has his sights set on Theresa Donovan.

Villains cause problems for Salem residents

The confrontation will go down on Brady and Theresa's wedding day, and is sure to be a shocker to Days of Our Livesfans. In the fall preview, Xander is seen telling Theresa that he wants to witness her die, and then wraps his hands around her throat.

DOOL fans are now terrified that Theresa may actually die at the hands of Xander. Actress Jen Lilley, who plays Theresa Donovan on the long-running NBC soap opera, has confirmed her departure from the show, and will soon be leaving Salem.

Since Theresa is all about her baby boy, Tate, who was recently kidnapped, and her fiance, Brady Black, it seems an odd time for the character to pick up and leave town. Could Theresa actually be killed off the show? Fans are dreading the moment when Theresa leaves, but Lilley has been teasing that the exit may not be permanent.

Is Theresa going to die?

However, if Theresa Donovan were to die, Days of Our Livesfans would watch as her fiance, Brady Black, became a single father.

If Brady was forced to raise Tate alone after Theresa's death, it would be a very familiar storyline, as Brady's own father, John, raised him alone after the death of his mother, Isabella.

No matter how Theresa leaves the show, it is sure to be emotional and heartbreaking. Rumors are flying, but nothing has been confirmed. Meanwhile, another character is set to make a comeback very soon.

Abigail Devearux-DiMera, who is thought to be dead after a plane crash, will be returning with a new actress in the role sometime this fall.

Marci Miller takes over the role after Kate Mansi's departure.

Days of Our Livesreturns to NBC after the 2016 Rio Olympics on August 22.

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