Nadia Bjorlin returned to Days Of Our Lives when she was pregnant. Some fans wondered how the writers would add a baby to her storyline. Yesterday, the answer was revealed and it is going to make Deimos and Nicole's heads spin. Now that Chloe Lane knows she is carrying a child, will she tell the father or keep it a secret?

Chloe's pregnancy on 'Days Of Our Lives'

Nadia Bjorlin's character already has one child, a son named Parker. Ever since Daniel Jonas' death, Chloe has been raising the little boy on her own.

Yesterday, the singer was stunned to find out she conceived a child with Deimos Kiriakis. On today's episode of the NBC soap opera, she told Philip that a pregnancy happened even though she was on birth control. Chloe believes she is carrying "a monster's child."

Chloe considers abortion

Chloe is conflictedabout the pregnancy and doesn't know what to do. What makes things even harder is that her friend, Nicole, has an on-and-off romance with Deimos Kiriakis. He is known as the newest villain in Salem and he certainly doesn't win any popularity contests.

DOOL spoilers state that Chloe will contemplate having an abortion.

How Deimos may react to Chloe's baby news

Even though Deimos is not the most noble character on the soap opera, he does seem to have a soft spot for children. He got along great with Parker and feltbad for single mothers. He even wanted to help Chloe Lane financially. Vincent Irizarry's character also felt horrible about Tate's kidnapping.

Perhaps having a child would change Deimos for the better. Maybe what he needs is a family of his own so he can stop focusing so much on revenge.

Nicole's involvement in Chloe and Deimos' complicatedrelationship

Right now, Deimos and Nicole are heating things up. Even though Arianne Zucker's character tries to resist him, she is unable to do so. In fact, spoilers reveal that on Thursday, Nicole and Deimos will sleep together.

Of course, don't expect her to find out Chloe is pregnant until afterward. Will she stay with Deimos or walk away? If Chloe keeps the baby, how will that affect her friendship with Nicole?

Will Deimos find out he is the father of Chloe's baby on 'Days Of Our Lives'?

Chloe isn't sure if she is going to tell Deimos the truth or not. However, DOOL spoilers tease that the character will keep a big secret. It was also stated that one father will be kept from the truth. It sounds like Chloe will try to cover up her condition but her belly will be growing soon. It is only a matter of time before Deimos figures out she is carrying a child.

What will be her excuse when that happens? Will she claim the father is someone he doesn't know or will she pretend her and Philip got together?

What do you think will happen with Nicole, Deimos, and Chloe on Days Of Our Lives?

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