"Days of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that there is about to be some big drama coming. The newly released fall preview for the soap promises that fall will be hot in Salem.

In the promo for the new season of the show, Brady and Theresa finally get their son, Tate, back after his was shockingly kidnapped. The reunion will be joyful, but the next order of business is finding out who kidnapped the baby boy, and why.

New season bring new drama to Salem.

After Maggie's surgery, Victor, Nicole, Deimos, Sonny, and Caroline are all sitting by her hospital bedside when Brady, John, and a Salem police officer come barging in.

Brady reveals that they are there to arrest Victor for conspiracy to kidnap Tate.

"Days of Our Lives" fans will see Victor be arrested and booked. The Kiriakis patriarch will then be thrown in jail, and forced to live behind bars as the investigation continues, but did he really do it?

Brady's grandfather is arrested

All signs are pointing to Victor being the one behind Tate's kidnapping. However, not everyone is convinced. Sonny, who has only recently returned to his hometown of Salem, questions Victor's brother, the devilish Deimos, and asks if he set up his uncle for the crime.

Meanwhile, other "Days of Our Lives" drama coming this fall includes Chloe hiding her pregnancy. Chloe is so afraid to reveal that Deimos is the father of her baby that she may lie to everyone and claim Philip is the father of the unborn child. Kayla will be hospitalized with a head injury, Aiden become the new District Attorney and wants Hope to confess to the murder of Stefano DiMera, Abigail's funeral is held, and a prison break leads to chaos breaking loose and Brady and Theresa's wedding.

A wedding day massacre?

It looks like someone could lose their life at the wedding, and it may be Theresa, as actress Jen Lilley has already confirmed her departure from "Days of Our Lives."

It will definitely be a autumn to remember in Salem when "Days of Our Lives" returns after the 2016 Olympics on August 22.

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