It was recently announced that Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease were reprising their roles as Shane Donovan and Kimberly Brady on Days Of Our Lives. It is not known if their stay in Salem will be short or long-term, but there are new DOOL spoilers regarding Theresa Donovan's parents. It turns out that their return has something to do with Hope Brady's storyline. What could be the reason for them coming back to the soap opera?

Theresa's funeral on 'Days Of Our Lives'

Jen Lilley recently announced she is leaving the NBC soap opera.

When the news that Shane and Kimberly were returning hit the Internet, fans thought Theresa would be killed. This is a valid theory and it is possible. Since she first appeared, Theresa made more enemies than friends. Even though she turned her life around, many people will not forgive or forget the things she did. One of those people includes Victor Kiriakis. Since Hope is a detective, she would investigate the murder.

Shane and Kimberly take Theresa and Tate back home on 'Days Of Our Lives

When Theresa Donovan first got Tate back from Kristen DiMera, her parents came to visit.

They didn't care for Brady at all and wanted their daughter to come home. Instead of asking, they immediately started making plans. Theresa's parents even went as far as to demand a large amount of child support from Tate's father. If the kidnapping story proves to be too much for Brady and Theresa's relationship, could she take Tate and move back home? Perhaps this ties into Hope because she will find and arrest the kidnapper?

A wedding on 'Days Of Our Lives'

Even though Jen Lilley has already left the soap opera, it appears that Eric Martsolf is still around. Could Shaughnessy and Pease return for a wedding? It might not be Theresa's nuptials, but perhaps Hope Brady's. It seems that Hope and Rafe will reconnect and could they get married by the end of the year?

A 'very Brady Christmas' on 'Days Of Our Lives'

Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease could return for a very simple reason.

The Brady family is known for being tight-knit and often spend holidays together. Could Shane and Kimberly come back to Salem just to celebrate Christmas with the family?

Fans will have several months before any information is confirmed. Shane and Kimberly are due to return to Days Of Our Lives around Christmas 2016.

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