Lately, a lot of characters on Days Of Our Lives have been receiving visitors from deceased family members. Spoilers reveal that Nicole Walker may be next, but who would be paying her a visit?

Dead characters appearing on 'Days Of Our Lives'

During the past few months, former DOOL characters have been appearing on the soap opera. Hope Brady received a visit from Bo and the son she lost. Jennifer Horton saw Jack Devereaux on a few different occasions, who helped her through a tough time. Then there is Chad DiMera, who regularly receives visits from his dead father, Stefano.

Could Arianne Zucker's character be the next one to see an apparition?

Why Nicole Walker needs guidance

Right now, Nicole is going through a tough time. She was just cleared of murder charges when Deimos Kiriakis finally admitted to police he was alive. Victor's brother is trying to win her heart. Even though her head says to run, Nicole can't resist the Kiriakis charm. However, there is more drama coming.

Nicole's friend, Chloe Lane, slept with Deimos and is pregnant. How will she react to the news and what will this do to Nicole's heart and state of mind?

Who could come back as a ghost or vision on 'Days Of Our Lives'

The one person that would offer Nicole sound advice is Dr. Daniel Jonas, who died in acar crash several months ago. It was a sudden and traumatic loss, especially since Daniel and Nicole were supposed to get married. While she always reacted with her heart and emotions, Shawn Christian's character was the logical one. If there is anyone capable of getting Nicole to see the truth, it is him.

What would Daniel tell Nicole to do?

Daniel would tell Nicole to listen to her heart, but not to ignore the red flags. Even though Deimos is playing a good game, there are clues he really isn't a changed man. With the news that Chloe is pregnant, Nicole Walker will be more conflicted than ever. If she can't control herself around Kiriakis, then she needs to find some way to avoid him. However, Salem is a small town, which makes it nearly im[possible to ignore someone.

What Nicole needs to do is see the truth about Deimos and Daniel is just the man to do it. Who is coming back to Salem to reconnect with Nicole Walker? Is Arianne Zucker's character the next to receive a ghostly visit on Days Of Our Lives?

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