Remember Clyde Weston on Days Of Our Lives? James Read played Ben's father on the NBC soap opera. He hasn't been seen since he was arrested. At that time, Robert Scott Wilson's character told Clyde that he was the Salem Necktie Killer. Along with all of other familiar faces returning to Salem, Mr. Weston is another one coming back. However, why would he be returning? Here are a few theories on the reason why Clyde could be coming back.

He has unfinished business on 'Days Of Our Lives'

When James Read's character first appeared in Salem, he was involved in shady and criminal business activities.

Even though he was a small-town boy, the DOOL villain knew what he was doing. He managed to make a deal with Victor Kiriakis and Stefano DiMera. It is possible that his return has to do with Weston finishing up some business that was not dealt with before his arrest.

The 'Days Of Our Lives' villain wants to avenge Ben's institutionalization

The Salem bad boy was never able to get Jordan's forgiveness. However, he did manage to reconnect with his son, Ben Weston. Just when things were going well between them, Ben completely lost it and went on a murdering rampage.

It all had to do with his obsession with Abigail Devereaux. He even kidnapped her and forced Abby to give birth in a cabin before trying to burn Chad and Abigail alive. Despite all of this, Clyde may want revenge for Ben being sent to a mental institution.

Clyde kidnapped Tate on 'Days Of Our Lives'

There is one theory that is quite interesting. While Jennifer Horton and Chad DiMera are in a custody war over Thomas, could he have kidnapped Tate?

He has no relation to the little boy, so what would be the reason? Maybe he returned thinking that Tate was Abigail's son. As fans recall, Clyde was determined for the paternity test to show Ben was the father. Of course, it turned out later that Chad was the biological dad, but he might not know this.

The 'Days Of Our Lives' character blames Chad DiMera for Ben's problems

It is logical to assume that James Read's character will blame Chad for Ben's problems.

After all, Clyde's son was just fine until Chad tried stealing Abigail away. As ridiculous as this sounds, the soap opera villain never liked Chad and wanted him out of Abby's life.

Why do you think Clyde Weston is making his way back to the fictional town of Salem? Be prepared because James Read is returning to Days Of Our Lives in September.

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