Chad DiMera is a fan favorite character on Days Of Our Lives. Even though he is Stefano's son, he is not like the other members of his family.Billy Flynn's character is a good man who loves Abigail Devereaux and his son, Thomas. However, Abby's disappearance and the custody battle with Jennifer Horton is taking a toll on him.

Chad is starting to lash out, and DOOL spoilers reveal that his anger will worsen. Could DiMera turn into his father if he doesn't get his emotions under control?

Chad DiMera is passionate and lives by his emotions

Billy Flynn's character on Days Of Our Lives is logical and reasonable. However, he is also ruled by his emotions and whatever he is passionate about at the time.

He has a habit of becoming obsessive about certain things. This is especially true when it comes to Abigail Devereaux. The disappearance of Chad's wife was hard on him, but her alleged death is proving to be too much. Just how much more can he take before he snaps?

Stefano DiMera's spirit visits Chad to give guidance

Even though Chad DiMera's father was not a good man, he did love his children. Out of all the soap opera characters that come back from the dead, Stefano has returned the most often. On a regular basis, Chad is seen having conversations with his father. He is given advice on what to do and spoilers reveal the two will have another chat in the next few days.

Abigail's disappearance and alleged death will be too much

Chad is using all of his resources to find his missing wife. Chad and Jennifer will be told that Abigail is dead. After losing her to Ben, he finally got her back.

Then they nearly died in a fire set by Abby's ex-boyfriend. Once they were rescued, everyone thought the couple known as "Chabby" were finally safe. However, Kate Mansi's character ended up in a mental institutionbefore going on the run.

How much does Chad have to go through before it takes a toll on the character?

Custody battle pushing Chad over the edge

If Abigail's vanishing act and being told she is dead were not enough, Jennifer had to add fuel to the fire. She is suing Chad for custody of his son.

Even though there are a few concerns, DiMera's reaction to everything is understandable. However, Jennifer blames the young father for Abby's predicament and wants to punish him. She is even exaggerating how "out of control" he is to everyone she sees. He is starting to lose it, and the court battle may push him too far.

Will Chad turn into Stefano or Andre DiMera on 'Days Of Our Lives'?

There is only so much a person can take. Losing Abigail and the possibility of Thomas being taken away may drive Chad to take desperate measures.

When that doesn't work, what will he do then? It is possible that Jennifer could turn Chad into his father, Stefano DiMera. Perhaps the Days Of OurLives character will turn into someone even worse, like Andre. If that happens, there will be no mercy for those who cross his path.

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