As "Days of Our Lives" ended on August 5th we knew Salem had been preempted by the Olympic games for two weeks. There were no cliffhangers that day but we have several storylines hanging in limbo.

What's going on with kidnapped Tate?

Tate will be reunited with his parents at long last. Great timing because Theresa and Brady's wedding day arrives! Look for Kim (Patsy Peace), Shane (Charles Shaughnessy) and Father Louis (Larry Poindexter) who will all make an appearance for the wedding festivities. They finally arrest someone for being behind the kidnapping and its Victor! Of course this leaves us to wonder if someone is framing him.

Deimos perhaps?Maggie has her own issues to deal with as she has her back surgery. In other health news, Kayla has surgery as well.

Dangerous men return to Salem

Danger comes to Salem whenXander (Paul Telfer)and Orpheus (George DelHoyo)escape from prison. Xander plans on murdering Theresa, possibly for falsely accusing him of rape. Orpheus, however, wants to go ona killing spree in Salem starting with Eve. He hasn't been seenon "Days of Our Lives" since the '80's.

Deimos wants to take his relationship with Nicole to the next level. He asks her to move into the Kiriakis mansion to live with him. Nicole has burning questions as well as she talks with Chloe, however. She has to ask if the baby Chloe is carrying belongs to Deimos or Phillip.

Chad, still believing that Abigail is dead, is having trouble holding himself together. The custody battle with Jennifer continues as he tries not to unravel. Sources tell us that Abigail will notreturn untilafter Christmas.Elsewhere, Aidan makes it clear to Hope that he wants her to admit to killing Stefano.

Eve (Kassie Depaiva) returns. We haven't seen her since she went to New York with Claire to help her with her future career in music.According to "" Nicole has a great storyline coming up soon. There will be someone from her past she is reunited with. Also, her struggle to become a Momcomes back to lightwith a new baby storyline.

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