Theresa (Jen Lilley)and Brady (Eric Martsoff)are in love. They have travelled a troublesome road to reach what their relationship has developed into -- one of love and family. With the wedding in sight, the couple prepare for their happily ever after.

Eve returns to Salem for the wedding

Eve (Kassie DePavia), Theresa's sister, arrives back in town. She has been doing some soul searching while coming to terms with the murder of her daughter Paige (True O'Brien). When we last saw her she had taken on a motherly role over Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan)much to Belle's (Martha Madison)dislike.Upon her return, we see that Eve is in a much better emotional state.

She is happy and supportive of her little sister. Of course Eve has to make sure Theresa, a former party girl, has a Bachelorette Party the eve of the wedding. The bride has a fun evening and is ready for her nuptials with Brady in the morning.

Clyde, Xander, and Orpheus return for much darker reasons

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, what the folks of Salem don't know is that three criminals with ties to Salem have escaped and are heading to town. Clyde (James Read), Xander (Paul Tefler) and Orpheus (George DelHoyo) all have scores to settle and revenge on their mind.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports that John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) are Orpheus's actual targets. Eve is the first one he gets to however, and he holds her at gunpoint. When Brady tries to step in to help, Orpheus turns his weapon on the guests for the wedding. The happy event quickly becomes a terribly dangerous situation as Orpheus continues to hold the weapon while he talks about his list of complaints that brought him to this step.

Xander seeks out Theresa to claim revenge for her falsely accusing him of rape. As he puts his hands around her neck he tells her that all he wants is to see her die.

Many Days Of Our Lives fans consider Orpheus to be the most vicious and vile character ever on the show. He is reported to be more ruthless than Stefano.

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