Brady and Theresa's son is still missing on Days Of Our Lives. Spoilers reveal that the child will be found, but the question is who took Tate and why? Recently, actor Eric Martsolf discussed the abduction storyline. He made it clear that if his grandfather had anything to do with the kidnapping, Brady will never forgive him.

Is Caroline's vision of Victor Kiriakis accurate?

Even though Caroline's visions have been right in the past, psychic powers are not always accurate. Recently, Peggy McCay's character saw Victor Kiriakis in a hotel room on the phone.

He said nothing can go wrong, but was he talking about Tate's kidnapping? While it seems like Brady's grandfather may be guilty, chances are he is innocent in all of this. Soap operas have a funny way of twisting storylines. Most likely, fans will discover someone shocking took the infant.

Who kidnapped Tate on 'Days Of Our Lives'?

If Victor didn't kidnap Tate, then who is responsible? There is a theory that Eileen Davidson may reprise her role as Kristen DiMera on the NBC soap opera. If she came back, the one thing she would go after is baby Tate.

As fans recall, the villain stole Theresa's fetus and implanted it in her own body. She gave birth to the child even though it is actually Brady and Theresa's child. With no ransom, this speculation makes the most sense.

When will Brady and Theresa's baby be found?

The kidnapping storyline is supposed to continue throughout this month. That means viewers won't find out if Tate is alive for a few more weeks.

However, don't get too excited. It turns out that after the family reunion, a storm will come crashing down onBrady Black and Theresa Donovan once again.

Eric Martsolf says Victor's actions on 'Days Of Our Lives' were unforgivable

In the latest issue of CBS Soaps In Depth magazine, Eric Martsolf said that Victor cannot be forgiven if he is responsible. Kidnapping his own grandson and keeping Tate's location a secret is a horrible thing to do.

However, there is no proof that John Aniston's character really took the boy. There is suspicious activity, motive, opportunity, and Caroline's vision that make him seem guilty. Even with all of these signs, chances are Victor is innocent, but his treatment of Theresa has got to stop.

What do you think of what Eric Martsolf had to say about Brady, Theresa, and Victor?Is Kiriakis guilty of kidnapping Tate or are Days Of Our Lives fans looking at the wrong person?

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