When it comes to picking who will be onDancing With the Stars, they always have a lot of people they want, but they don't always get them for the show. It turns out that the producers have one gymnast that was part of the 2016 Rio Olympics in mind and they are really hoping that they can get this person to join the show. ABC is offering them a chance to be on a show, but it also comes with a big paycheck.

Who are they hoping to get for season 23?

It turns out that theDancing With the Stars producers really want Simone Biles for the show.

She recently showed off how great of a gymnast she is plus her personality. A show insider says that the producers are really hoping that they can get Simone to do the show. She actually got five medals in the Rio Olympics. The source said that they really do want some of the Olympians on the show. Simone is their first pick, but at this time it is unknown if she would even want to do the show. Of course, it would be pretty surprising if they can't talk at least one of them into doing it.

What other gymnast could join the show?

Mark Ballas already spoke out on his Twitter account and shared that he wanted a gymnast as his partner, but it wasn't Simone Biles that he brought up. Mark is hoping that they can get Laurie Hernandez to be his partner on the show. This is just Mark's hope though and nobody knows if ABC would want her or if she would even do the show. Mark danced with AlyRaisman before on the show.

He would know how to work with a gymnast and could hopefully help her to win the show if they did pick her to join. Fans can't wait to see who ends up being on the show next season.

At this time, ABC won't share who they want to join the show and they don't talk about rumors. The casting decisions will be coming out soon. Right now,Bachelor in Paradiseis airing on Monday nights and as soon as it is over it will be time for the new season of Dancing With the Stars.

Do you think that Simone Biles would be great on the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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