Abby Lee Miller might be the most controversial Reality TV star ever. Every episode of Lifetime network's "Dance Moms" ends in tears, tantrums, or some kind of drama with the bombastic dance coach. But love her or hate her, there's no denying Miller's massive weight loss. When you hear how Abby Lee Miller lost weight without drugs, surgery, diet, or even exercise, you might be jealous. The real story of the "Dance Moms" coach's weight loss isn't one to envy, however.

Abby Lee Miller drops 8 sizes

It's always been ironic that the "Dance Moms" guru demands so much of her pint-sized girls but is morbidly obese herself.

It's the elephant in the living room that gets ignored except when Abby Lee particularly infuriates a dance mom (and this is often). Then the catty comments come out. Well, Miller has had the last word by proving that she can shed that obesity and drop from size 24 to 16. How did Miller do it? Well, here's the shocker -- without drugs, surgery, diet, or even exercise. There have been hints that she's had lap band surgery, but the real way was much more painful -- she got sick on diabetes meds and watched her mom die.

Grief, heat, and diabetes drugs

Bad things worked for good in Miller's life. Visiting her mother in the hospital and watching her die of cancer killed her appetite. The air conditioning went out at the dance studio so no one ate anything in the stifling heat.

While filming the Lifetime reality TV show in Australia, Miller'sdiabetes medication somehow caused nausea and vomiting. This nasty trifecta turned out to be the magic bullet for weight loss. Abby Lee says she wasn't even trying to lose weight but now its motivated her to keep going. She knows she has a lot of work left -- size 16 is still moderately to severely obese on most body mass index scales.

Pictures show that she is continuing to lose weight. Maybe all she needed was to see how good she looks, how much better she feels, and that she really can lose weight. Sometimes as Queen Latifah found, all weight loss takes is a little self-confidence boost. Another reality TV star, Mama June Shannonis finding the joy in weight loss mojo too.

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