Could fans of the NBC hit Parenthood see the Braverman family reunite on television screens again? Viewers were heartbroken to see the show end a couple of years ago and the show creator is hinting that the series could come back in some way. What's the scoop?

WillParenthood be the next fan-favorite show to be revived with a new series?

The series finale of Parenthood was definitely a tear-jerker and many viewers felt that it ended exactly the way that it should. The Braverman clan lost its patriarch, but the family unit remained strong and flourished after their heartbreaking loss.

While there are plenty of people who would say that the finale could not be topped, show creator Jason Katims teases that there could be more on the way.

TVLine details that NBC had considered doing a single reunion movie that would bring back the Braverman family to celebrate Christmas, providing fans with a glimpse into where things were at this point. Unfortunately, the network didn't proceed with the concept. However, during the recent Television Critics Association press tour, Katims was asked about a revival of Parenthood and he said that he was open to tackling the show in some way again.

How soon could a revivalParenthood series come together?

Before Parenthood fans get too excited, however, it is worth noting that Katims said that nothing is in the works at the moment. That said, he did detail that he has been paying quite a bit of attention to the revival of Gilmore Girls that will debut this fall, and people know that show revivals like these are all the rage these days, as the return of Arrested Development not long ago was a big hit as well.

As much as Katims may be interested in bringing Parenthood back in some way, he does acknowledge that it may be a while yet before anything could come together. Even if he comes up with a concept, there would be a big hill to climb in terms of pulling the cast back together again and finding a landing spot for the show. This is a cast that loved working together, though, so fans suspect there is some potential with this idea.

Is the originalParenthood cast willing to reprise their Braverman roles?

From the sounds of things, actress Lauren Graham is already game to step back into her role of Sarah Braverman again. As Variety notes, the actress joked via Twitter about anxiously waiting for a Parenthood script and her fans know that she was happy to head back to Gilmore Girls for that revival too. Could Graham help entice other former cast members to reprise their roles as well?

Would you watch a Parenthood revival if Jason Katims could come up with the right concept and get everybody to sign on for another run at showcasing the Braverman family?

What would you like to see incorporated if the show were to return in some fashion?

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