At 86 Clint Eastwood is still a straight shooter, hitting his mark withevery shotduringhis rapid fire over today's politics in a recent interview. You saw him talk to an empty chair dubbed a surrogate for Obama back in 2012, back when he was gunning for Romney. Up until this latest Esquire Magazine interview Eastwood's stayed mum on Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton.

Eastwood to vote for Trump

While Eastwood hasn't come out and endorsed anyone, he said he was going to vote for Trump while taking a big swat at Hillary at the same time.

He said that Hillary's a "tough voice to listen to." He wouldn't vote for her because that means four more years of Obama's way of doing things. He said that Hillary has made "a lot of dough out of being a politician."

'Pussy generation'

What really got the wheels of social media turning today was Eastwood calling this the "pussy generation." It is funny how Fox News wouldn't put the entire word "pussy" on the screen because of the other connotation it carries, but in Eastwood's day "pussy" meant someone who was a push over, ran with their tail between their legs and had no back bone.

So this "pussy generation" is also a generation that doesn't want to work, said Eastwood. He claims this is why the nation is in the position it is in today. People are looking at their options, which are offered up by the federal and state governments,and amindsetfestersof why work, when you can get something for nothing.

This is one of Trump's major bones of contention when it comes to all the dole outs today.

In typical Clint Eastwood form, he didn't mince words and he also condemned all this political correctness going on in the nation.

'Kiss-ass generation'

He referred to what is going on today as the "kiss-ass generation," with their political correctness. He said that before he did the movie, Gran Torino, an associate called the script "really good," but "not politically correct." He read the script and even with all its politically incorrectness he wanted to do it "immediately."

Political Incorrectness gone wild

He suggests that the nation "just 'f**king get over it.

It is a sad time in history." He was talking about Trump being called a racistafter what he said about that judgein his Trump University case. Eastwoodsaid that people are making a "big hoodoo out of it," according to IJR News.Eastwood was referring to Trump slamming the judge who was presiding over the Trump University lawsuit as someone who is from Mexican and possibly held a grudge about Trumps immigration mindset.Then it was learned the judge was born in Indiana.

Slams Hillary, but touches on Trump's faults

While he is going to vote for Trump, he didn't put the GOP candidate on a pedestal. He said that Trump has said some off-the-wall things, as have the rest of them.

What he did like is the fact that Trump speaks his mind. Sometimes that can be good or bad, but either way Eastwood understands where Trump is coming from even though he may not always agree with what he is saying. It appears Clinton seesgiving Trump a chance for4-years has to be better than Hillary repeating Obama's world for those 4 years.

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