The hit showChrisley Knows Best just returned to USA, and now the family is sharing some shocking news. It turns out that Lindsie Chrisley is getting a divorce. Lindsie isn't on the show that much because she doesn't live at home anymore, but viewers are used to seeing her. People got the chance to talk to Lindsie and get the details.

What did Lindsie Chrisley have to say?

Lindsie is divorcing Will Campbell after four years of marriage.

They have a son together, but things just didn't work out. Lindsie shared saying, "He was my first love. We got together when we were 19 years old, and over time we grew separately in different directions instead of together." Lindsie went on to explain that she has simply outgrown the relationship. Luckily, Lindsie has nothing bad to say about Will at all and still loves him. She has high hopes that they can be friends.

How are things for their son?

LindsieChrisley shared that they are putting their son Jackson first. Right now, these two are getting along just fine, and there is no fighting, even though they are getting a divorce. She shared that they actually got a separation for a bit two years ago, but got back together for Jackson's sake. It just didn't work out for them. She explained why saying, "But we realized that two people that are not happy with one another and trying to make it work just for the child and not for themselves personally – that's not in the best interest of the child, or either of us."

Now thatChrisley Knows Best is back you will get to see Will Campbell on the show.

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He will be on there as they work on their relationship and they are even going to address the divorce on this season of the show. It will be really interesting and one that you do not want to miss.

Are you shocked to hear that Lindsie Chrisley is getting a divorce? Do you think the fact that she eloped could be part of why this marriage didn't work out? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes ofChrisley Knows Best on USA.

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