It has been 12-hours and Chris Brown has finally left his house after an all-day standoff with the LAPD. Reports reveal that Brown left the house peacefully, but only after a search warrant was issued and his lawyer arrived on the scene, however, Chris was not alone inside his California mansion, several people followed Brown outside after what had been a wildly exhausting day for most.

Chris Brown flips out engaging in an all day police standoff in L.A.

The LAPD finally obtained the search warrant needed to gain access to Brown's home, so far no reports of arrests have been made.

The problem all started in the early hours of Tuesday morning after a woman called 911 claiming she needed help at Brown's address. The woman has been identified as Miss California Regional 2016 title holder Baylee Curran who claims Chris Brown pulled a gun on her after she admired a piece of expensive jewelry. Curran claims she has partied with Brown before but that this time was different because Brown appeared to be very intoxicated on alcohol and/or drugs causing him to just flip out on her.

She states that Brown aimed a gun at her and began screaming at her, adding that he took her cell phone away from her and refused to give it back until she signed a non-disclosure agreement, which she refused. Curran claims she left the house without her phone and called 911 for help which is what started Brown's police standoff.

Brown posted angry videos on social media during standoff

Chris Brown took to social media posting three videos full of rants and obscenities claiming to his fans that he had done nothing wrong and that he was being unfairly targeted by the police.

Police reports reveal that squads have been sent to Brown's home five times in the past year on disturbing the peace complaints made by neighbors, this does not include his extensive record that includes domestic violence, assault charges made by his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, and hit and run charges that found the singer behind bars for more than two months in 2013.

What comes next for Chris Brown?

It is more than clear that Chris Brown still has some major anger management issues that need to be handled, and possible drug and alcohol issues to boot.

At this time Brown's lawyer is on the scene and it has yet to be determined just how this latest outburst will be handled from a legal perspective.

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