Chris Brown has just been arrested in California on assault with a deadly weapon charges after an excruciating 12-hour police standoff at his Tarzana home with the LAPD.

Chris Brown in custody!

As previously reported, Brown allegedly pulled a gun on a female by the name of Baylee Carran, who claims that she was at Brown's home early in the morning hours of Tuesday for a party and made the mistake of admiring some expensive jewelry. Carran claims that Brown exploded right then and there pulling a gun on her aiming at her head and screaming at her to get the f**k out of his house now!

Carran reveals she did exactly that but not before her confrontation with Chris went even further, it appears that Chris had confiscated Baylee's cell phone and refused to return it to her until she signed a non-disclosure agreement, which she refused. Carran claims she hightailed it out of there without her phone and called 911 to report Brown. Police arrived on the scene to find Chris a little more than uncooperativewhich forced into play a near 12-hour standoff between Brown and the LAPD while they awaited a search warrant to be issued.

Brown took to social media to rant over 'unfair' police treatment

During this time police officers on the scene picked up a duffle bag that had been thrown from a window by Chris as he shouted: "Come and get me!" The bag contained a gun, other weapons, and drugs. Chris also took to the social media to rant uncontrollably to his fans about his unfair treatment by the police, in fact, the singer posted three very explicit videos letting the entire world know exactly what he thought about the entire situation.

Needless to say, the warrant and Brown's lawyer arrived and Chris and several others vacated thehouse peacefully. Now hours later Chris Brown has officially been arrested and taken into custody where he will be booked on at least one felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon. At this time it is unknown what other charges Chris Brown may face, or whether or not he will remain in custody or be bonded out by his lawyer.

It is also a pretty safe assumption that Chris will also most likely be looking at some more major anger management counseling time and, or both, alcohol and drug abuse treatment, and we haven't even gotten to just how serious a jail sentence he may be facing once he goes before the judge. Taking into consideration Chris Brown's long history of violence, it could very well be that the judge may decide to throw the book at the troubled singer once and for all.

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