Chris Brown is facing some major trouble with the law once again. It appears as if the singer has found his way into yet another legal confrontation, but this time, he is not giving up without a fight. Reports reveal that an unnamed beauty queen title holder has called the law on Chris after she claims he threatened and pointed a gun at her after she showed up to his house uninvited.

Chris Brown loses it, posts explicit video online

TMZ reports that Brown was entertaining guests in his Tarzana home early Tuesday morning when a man and two females arrived.

The male had been invited, but the two females had not and were asked to leave. An argument soon broke out and now one of the two women called the police on Chris Brown claiming the singer pulled a gun on her, but, sources from inside the home claim that Chris had been sleeping the entire time.

This story has a lot of strange events unfolding as we speak. It seems as if Ray J. decided to get out of dodge following the confrontation, but was stopped at the end of Brown's driveway, handcuffed, ID'd and searched before he was let go, one thing though the police seized Ray J's BMW for evidence.

What is going on with Chris Brown today, has he lost it completely?

During this same time, police officers were knocking at the door of Chris' house but were unable to gain a response from inside until later that morning. Here is where things get rough for Chris. Police officers found a gun and other weapons along with drugs in a duffle bag outside of Chris' home that Brown allegedly threw out a window while yelling for the police to come and get him.

Chris, oddly enough also took time during his standoff with the police to post a video online speaking about "Black Lives Matter" and saying 'f**k the police." At this time Los Angeles police officers are awaiting a search warrant to enter Brown's home. Chris has a long list of run-ins with the law. starting with his physical assault on his then-girlfriend Rhianna to hit and run and everything in between.

However, at this time it appears as if Chris Brown may have lost it, or is drunk and/or high according to his behavior. Whatever is going on it doesn't look too promising for Chris, who could very well end up doing some serious time behind bars after this stunt. Hopefully, he will soon come to his senses and cooperate with the police instead of continuing to make things harder on himself.

Do you think Chris may have lost it after seeing Drake's love confirmation to Rhianna at Monday night's 2016 VMA's? Something is going on, stay tuned for further details as they become available.

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