Chris Brown is making headlines again and the alleged incident in question has many people buzzing. The musician has spent years trying to put his previous issues with Rihanna behind him, but this new situation is sure to bring the the topic back to the forefront again. What's the scoop?

Chris Brown is facing new allegations of violence

As TMZ shares, a woman named Baylee Curran is saying that she spent time with Chris Brown Monday night into Tuesday morning and she says that he ended up pulling a gun out and pointing it at her.

She says that she has spent time hanging out with Brown in the past and never had an issue, but this time, she alleges, she felt that he might have been under the influence.

Curran says that she headed to his place Monday night with a friend and after they all hung out in the hot tub for a bit, she went into the house where one of his people was showing off some jewelry. She says that when she voiced admiration for it, the person went a bit crazy and soon Chris joined in by pointing a gun at her and throwing her out.

She adds that when she tried to leave, his team tried to make her sign a confidentiality agreement and took her phone. She called 911 over this and a wild standoff ensued.

The police arrived at Brown's place around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning and they have spent hours waiting to get a search warrant for his place. For his part, Chris has allegedly been holed up in the home, acting defiantly and throwing a bag out of the window as he taunted the officers to come in and get him.

He also posted videos online where he cursed out the police.

Chris Brown is ranting toward the police

The duffel bag that he reportedly threw out the window seemingly had drugs and weapons in it and this certainly isn't sounding good for Chris. However, as Entertainment Tonight details, he took to his Instagram page ranting and insisting that he wasn't involved in the incident at all. He says that he's innocent and he's tired of all of this negative attention.

Brown already spent six years on probation for what happened with Rihanna and his career definitely encountered numerous obstacles as a result of the incident. He has had plenty of other run-ins with the law over the past few years and he has expressed anger and annoyance more than once at how the Rihanna incident followed. Unfortunately for him, these latest actions and allegations certainly show a more volatile side of him again. The situation with Chris Brown and the allegations from Baylee Curran is still playing out and people will be quite curious to see where things head next.

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