Chelsea Handler doesn't see Gretchen Carlson as a hero for starting the ball rolling with the Roger Ailes lawsuit. She said this is basically her duty, not only as a woman, but as someone who has made their way to the top. Handler, who is enjoying her show Chelsea over at Netflix, talked a little bit about a possible news show in the future for Netflix.

Hire Megyn Kelly as a cleaning lady?

Chelsea said she wasn't too sure about that one when asked if an evening news show was next in line for Netflix.

She thinks the evening news shows seem to be on their way out these days. When Brian Flood from The Wrap threw a hint that Megyn Kelly's contract is up in a year, Handler asked if she should "hire her as her cleaning lady?" She made a bet that Megyn Kelly wouldn't jump ship to Netflix. While interviewer Brian Flood saw Kelly at Netflix as a stretch, hedidn't seem to think thatit wastotallyimpossible.

Chelsea claims better late than never

Megyn Kelly took a decade to come forth to say she too was targeted by Ailes with sexual harassment and when Handler was asked about that, she said "it was better late than never." She also mentioned the women who accused Bill Cosby and how they too didn't come out until years later.

When they did finally make their claims they did it in a "swell."She thinks sometimes it takes one for the rest of them to follow, but at least it is out now.

Others beg to differ

Despite the "better than never" answer from Handler, there are many people out there that think both Carlson and Kelly should have spoken up about Ailes at the time it happened. Because they didn't he was there for another decade and knowing what they say they know about his behaviors, their silence opened the door for other women to possibly suffer that fate.

Carlson and Kelly weren't thinking about others

What about the unsuspecting female employees and interns who were in Ailes' office over the yearsasthese two ladies kept quiet? Many don't see them as heroes because neither one had anything to lose by reporting Ailes at the time that they did. Carlson was already ousted from Fox and Kelly is just too important for the cable channel to set her free. They might have been heroes 10 years ago coming out with theaccusationswhile in fear of losing their positions.

Trump hiring on Ailes for campaign?

Chelsea was more concerned about the possibility of Trump hiring on Ailes, if he hasn't already,she said.After Ailesjust resigning from a 20 year gig on the heels of a sexual harassment lawsuit, she said she liked the idea of Trumppossiblydoing that. Chelsea is a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, if you hadn't guessed!

It appears that Handler is not a Fox News fan or a fan of the station at all for that matter. She said that the only time she'll watch Fox is when she's trying to go to sleep.

Chelsea faltering on Netflix?

It seems that Chelsea's Netflix show is not going as well as the streaming services might have hoped.

According to Decider, it is not getting much social media attention and she hasn't had a guest that's made any noise across social media in the three months its been up and running.Unlike other talk shows, Chelsea is on the air for only 30 minutes, which is not a great chunk of time if you are hoping to strike up a meaningful conversation with any guest. It seems that promoting Chelsea isn't a top priority for Netflix with only one Chelsea clip posted for the show on YouTube.

Maybe it will be Megyn Kelly who will be hiring Chelsea Handler as her cleaning lady, unless of course something happens and the show suddenly becomes a viral hit.

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