Chad Johnson got a second chance to find love after being sent home on The Bachelorette, as he was quickly labeled as the villain. JoJo Fletcher didn’t see his outrageous behavior at first, but he was quickly called out after several men came forward, saying that Chad was harassing the other men and he was threatening them. Johnson had expressed an interest in becoming the next Bachelor, since he seems to think that having a ripped body will get him far. Even though many people didn’t see something interesting in him, Chris Harrison decided to send him to Mexico to star on Bachelor In Paradise.

Before the first episode was over, Chad was asked to leave.

According to a new tweet, Chad Johnson is now revealing that his life is all about being ripped, making money and hooking up with the ladies. In other words, it doesn’t sound like Chad is too sad about what’s happened with him in Mexico, as he was sent home.

Chad Johnson hints that his co-stars are annoying

Even though Johnson gave his co-stars a horrible apology after his outrageous drunk behavior on the first episode of Bachelor In Paradise, it sounds like he may not really mean it.

Over the weekend and in anticipation for the second episode, he hinted on Twitter that he was happy to be away from those “annoying humans.”

“Shoot for the stars, cuz even if you miss, you'll be in space n shit.. Far far away from annoying humans #Inspiration,” Chad Johnson wrote in one tweet, adding in other tweets, “All that matters in life is Love, Family, and helping people... Just kidding! LOL #GetMoneyGetMusclesGetLaid,” and “When you wake up feelin really intelligent regarding your decisions.

#AtLeastImStillShredded #BachelorInParadise.”

Will Chad Johnson ever become ‘The Bachelor’?

Since Harrison asked him to leave the Mexican resort because of his drunken behavior, it doesn’t sound like the offers are lining up for him to become the next Bachelor. One has to wonder how many women would actually apply to be on the show or if the ratings would suffer with him on the show again.

What do you think of Chad Johnson’s behavior on Bachelor In Paradise?

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