Singers Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley will host the CMA (Country Music Awards) 2016. Underwood has undergone stunning weight loss. And from the article on she and Paisley in Southern Livingit looks likeUnderwood has maintained weight loss. Now, when you read how much weight she lost -- 20 pounds -- you might not be impressed. But you will be when you see the difference even 20 or so pounds can make. How did the American Idol season 4 winner make herself look thinner? There are some fails and wins in her diet secrets.

Carrie Underwood common sense weight loss wins

Probably the best thing Underwood did was not to wait to start losing weight.

After American Idol, at around 28, she realized that she was putting on some pounds so she did something right away. That was smart because the older you get the harder it is to lose. It's also smart because the heavier you get the faster you put on weight. After a pregnancy in 2015, Carrie was able to get back to her pre-baby weight in just three months. That's because she knew how to lose and what to do. She also -- and this is crucial -- was careful not to put on too much weight in pregnancy. All too often women add too much weight in pregnancy and expect it will all magically fall out with the baby. You really don't lose that much after birth, unless you breastfeed your baby. That aids weight loss tremendously.

Eating vegetarian, like Underwood does, can help shed pounds if you avoid eating too much soy or too many bean products (both cause belly fat). Carrie started exercising and found, like Chris Pratt, that this tones down the fat in big ways.

Underwood's "weight loss" fails

One reason that it looks like Carrie has taken off more weight than she has is down to plastic surgery.

She honed down her face and nose and looks much thinner. But by shaving down her rounder face, she also added years to herself. Cosmetic surgery that alters facial structure is notorious for aging. So you get a thin old face in trade for your youthful beauty. At least Underwood took the weight off before getting surgery and didn't rely on surgery alone.

Reality TV star Mama June Shannon, of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" lost 70 pounds and got plastic surgery recently on the show "Botched."

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