The game of Dragon Ball Heroes has introduced a new technique of Zamasu, actually it is the first technique that we know from this character. We recall that a couple of weeks ago, the game had already shown Zamasu wearing a clay in a green color. Coincidentally, this clay was very similar than the one that Black was wearing in the same ear. Zamasu put the clay in the same ear to prevent fusion with Gowasu in the last episode. However, in the game, we also saw Zamasu in the future watching the fight between Trunks and Black Goku.



This fight, according to the synopsis of a Japanese media, will be given in Chapter 57. On the other hand, speaking specifically on Zamasu technique, although it appeared in the game, it is likely to be seen in the series, although we know that when it comes to techniques commonly there are changes, at least in characters like Goku and Vegeta. However, when Magetta and Frost appeared in the game, they made techniques that were seen later in the anime and manga. It maybe could be the same with Zamasu.

The technique

The technique itself is called Kami Retsuzan and it is similar even by its name to a technique used by the Dai Kaio Shin better known as the Big Kaio Shin in the game of Dragon Ball Heroes. This technique is a technique of Gods, which consist on accumulating a lot of energy and throw it like a lightning bolt, the Dai Kaio Shin used to throw it from his mouth though perhaps Zamasu has a variation of this.

What next

A variation of this technique is the "Flame Shower Breath" attack of Majin Buu, who obviously acquired this technique through absorbing the great Kaio Shin.


On the other hand, we saw as Fat Majin Buu used this technique to destroy buildings effectively It is a highly destructive technique especially for being used by very strong characters. Imagine Zamasu, who has not yet demonstrated his full potential, using this technique to fight Vegeta on their next fight. It would be amazing. But we have to wait until it happens on the next chapters.


Below is a video so that you can improve the information. Enjoy it.