Remember the story of the "lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls?" If you are a Brady Bunch fan you do, and you also remember a man named Brady, who had three kids of his own and when they hooked up, this was the first blended family in a TV series! Well the middle daughter, Jan Brady,who was played by Eve Plumb went on in real-life to make one heck of an investment!

Not Barbie's dream house!

At 11-years-old Eve Plumb purchased a Malibu Beach house on the water, with the help of her parents of course.

In 1969 she paid $55,300 for the home and today Plumb has sold that house for $3.9 million. That's not too bad for something you purchased before entering high school. At a time where most girl's Eve's age was happy to get the Barbie Dream House, this Brady Bunch star was purchasing real estate!

Five-decade investment

The house went on the market earlier this year, and it just sold. It sits at the end of Escondido Beach, and while the 1950s cottage-style home wasn't very big, it has really grown in price.

Right now the house is very modest with its 850 square feet of living space and anexteriorwrap-around porch.

Modest house to undergo redesign

This size and look of the house Eve Plumb called home would soon change as the folks who designed the Staples Center are set to remodel the home and to add four times the amount of living space. The original 850 square feet will bump up to 3,500 square feet when the redesigning of the home is complete, according to USA Today.

Not only does the house come with beach front views, but it has one heck of a back story after it has been owned by little Jan Brady for close to a half of a century! She was just a kid when she and her family set up home in the prestigious Escondido neighborhood. At 850 square feet, the house sported three bedrooms and one and a half baths. With its new remodel job there will still be three bedrooms and another full bath will be added.

The designers plan to add a moonroof that is retractable, and it will haveglass walls that will go fromfloor-to-ceiling. With glass walls, that would ensure a view from just about any room!

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha... I have a Malibu Beach house!

Eve Plumb played Jan Brady on the sitcom The Brady Bunch which ran from 1969 to 1974. She was the middle daughter who often felt unnoticed around her older sister Marsha Brady. Today Eve is 57 years old, and she's just amassed a small fortune with the sale of the house that she purchased at about the age most kids start puberty!

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