Marcia would be proud! The California home used for the exterior shots of The Brady Bunch was almost robbed, but the 70-year-old owner stopped thieves in their tracks before they could get to all of her valuables. Robbers broke into the famous Studio City home, located on Dilling Street, by smashing the glass of the rear sliding door. The vandals ransacked the entire first floor of the home before the owner heard the ruckus and turned on a bedroom light. The thieves fled the scene and the owner of The Brady Bunch house was not harmed.

It is unclear if the robbers stole any cash or merchandise from the Brady Bunch house.

Why this home is iconic

Pop culture fans are very familiar with this house. It was used during transitional exterior shots on The Brady Bunch, which aired from 1969 to 1974 on ABC. The show, about a widow with three daughters who marries a widower with three sons, has been airing in syndication for more than 40 years. The recognizable Brady Bunch home has long been a pit stop for tourists in Studio City.

The real house is nothing like the one the Bradys lived in

While the outside of the house is iconic, the inside reportedly looks nothing like the spacious digs that architect Mike Brady designed for his supersized family. On The Brady Bunch, the family of eight only had three bedrooms, with their housekeeper, Alice, residing in a downstairs guest room. The six kids on the show also shared only one bathroom.

In later episodes, teen siblings Greg and Marcia (Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick) battled over the rights to the attic, which was made over for another bedroom.While the kitchen was small, the main area of the home was impossibly big, with enough room for an open area living room and dining room. Dad Mike Brady’s prized den was also on the main floor.

The real-life Brady Bunch house is much smaller than its TV counterpart, although it reportedly has five bedrooms.

Over the years, the owners have tried to make over the front of the house in an attempt to make it not as recognizable, but eagle-eyed fans still flock to it. And so do robbers, apparently.

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