Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce news has resurfaced once again. It has been reported that Brad Pitt has been spotted out this summer way more times without Angelina Jolie than with her. This has certainly hyped up the divorce speculation. It has been suggested that Brad and Angie are now living completely separate lives, except for that crucial family time spent with the children that is.

Things do not look good for Brangelina these days.

Fans are beginning to believe that all the divorce fuss is not without reason.Rumor has it that Brad and Angie will be divorcing at the end of the year.

Brad has been making the rounds on a solo mission, or at least that has been thought, however, there has also been a big rumor that Pitt was spotted with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston and that the two could be attempting to carry on some secret affair.

Meanwhile, Brad has been off roaming the world doing whatever it is that Brad has been doing, and it appears as if Angelina is home tending to the children. As summer continues on Angie has been spotted taking the children on outings, which includes shopping.

It is getting close to that back-to-school season, so maybe Angie is getting them all ready.

Angelina's health issues taking a toll on the mother of six.

Sadly, though, it appears as if stress, anxiety, or something else is totally taking a toll on Angelina's health. She is rail thing, logging in at around 80-pounds, according to sources. She looks very frail, pale, and downright unhealthy.

But Jolie is known for being the kind of celebrity mom who likes to keep her children living as close to normal as possible, tough to do when you have the kind of celebrity status that Brad and Angie do.

It will be what it will be, Pitt/Jolie future bleak.

So what is up with Brad distancing himself from his wife and family, is it a grueling work schedule, or is he just trying to work some major relationship issues out in his head?

Or could it be a mid-life crisis, bored with his life as a husband and father? Whatever it is that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are dealing with in their marriage, we just hope it can be worked out.

It would be so sad if divorce divided the family, and it might just be more than Angelina can handle at this time, and let's not forget the scars it would leave on the children.

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