The divorce rumors of Hollywood’s most dashing pair Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are still taking the rounds. Since a few months, these rumors are on hype amidst reports of the couple moving back and forth between the perpetual thoughts of reconciliation and breaking their marriage.

Is jealousy the reason?

The 52-year old “Troy” actor is on the brink of divorce with her long-time wife Jolie who has been suffering from jealousy with Pitt’s co-star Marion Cottilard in his latest movie. The rumors of both of them getting too close for comfort are rising during the movie’s shoot.

This has allegedly been giving sleepless nights to Jolie, who thinks that she will seduce her husband and take him away.

Never actually divorced

The current rumors of divorce fights between Pitt and former “Lara Croft” actress are not new but had been making news for almost a decade now. This famous Hollywood pair, who is popularly known as Brangelina by their fans, succumbed to these rumors and fought their way back to working on their marriage several times during the last year.

What are other rumors to such news reports?

They were even said to have fallen back in love by their close-knit circle. There have been reports that the couple is working on a way out from their marital problems. Especially, Pitt is constantly worried about Jolie’s insecure behavior. In addition, Jolie’s recurrent health issues like her eating disorder are altogether plaguing their relationship.

Will history repeat itself?

The couple met on the sets of film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and they eventually fell in love and got married afterward. Jolie is supposedly worried because Pitt has been spending a lot of time with her current movie co-star Cottilard in Paris these days. She is rumored to be constantly thinking that what if Pitt would get together with Cottilard in the same way, as he did with her on their film’s set.

All is well

That being said, the couple has not officially commented on their situation. They recently spent happy time together with their family in Los Angeles.

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