Bow Wow is hanging up rap at the age of 29 and moving on to greener pastures, which the Rapper announced in a series of tweets over the weekend. He offers up the reasons for his Retirement via the tweets. He always said he'd be out of the rap game by the time he is 30 and it looks like Bow Wow has held true to those predictions. Thisrapper retiring from rap music is big news as #BowWow is already setting Twitter on fire with 50k tweets circling social media today and spreading the word.

Going out same door he came in

This next album will be the last one for Bow Wowand he's working on it with his uncle, Snoop Dogg, who brought him into rap music in the first place. Now that he's leaving it all behind, he can't think of a more fitting exit than to do the albumwith the man who started him on his journey as a rapper, and that of course is Snoop! The albumNYLTHwill be his final collection.

So what is next in line for Bow Wow? All he has revealed is that he is on to a "new adventure"and what that may be, he's not saying just yet.Bow Wow is also known by his real name, Shad Moss, when it comes to his acting roles.

He's not only been rapping since he was 13-years-old, but he's got some impressive acting under his belt. As Shad Moss fans have seen him in Like Mike, CSI Cyber, All about the Benjamins andEntourage.

Future endeavors for rapper?

In those weekend tweetsof his, he rattled off all his accomplishments, which you have to admit are pretty impressive.

Bow Wow says "Why Be Greedy" when he has already sold over 10 million albums and his done 6 arena tours. The rapper has 10 top 10's under his belt with a few number 4 platinum albums and 2 gold albums. He didn't hold much back saying that he's made over $20 million off rap and to top it all... he's even made it to the White House, the retiring rapper reports.

Bow Wow just can't see himself rapping at 30, according to MSN Music News.

This is a decision he's made and he plans on sticking to it! You can really never say never when it comes to the future and although he's dead set on leaving the rap world behind, there may come a day when things change. Although it doesn't sound as if this was something he decided on in the spur of the moment, it appears the rapper took some time putting his retirement plans together. He's got the details down, especially when orchestrating his last album with the man who started it all for him, Snoop Dogg. He also tweeted out a big "Thank You!"

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