Have fans uncovered tweets from Blake Shelton that reveal a racist, sexist, and homophobic side of him? According to reports, the country music star previously took to Twitter, comparing speaking a foreign language to being a terrorist, making inappropriate comments about then 16-year-old Dakota Fanning, and numerous other tweets about gay people.

Is Blake Shelton a Racist? Sexist? Homophobic?

The tweets on Shelton’s account have since been deleted and have yet to be verified, states Ace Showbiz.

Also, Blake has yet to comment on them. However, that didn’t stop the tweets from resurfacing thanks to fans who posted screenshots of the disturbing messages.

"Wish the d**khead in the next room would either shut up or learn some English so I would at least know what he's planning to bomb,” one tweet read.

Another tweet has Shelton saying some inappropriate remarks about then 16-year-old Fanning, "Soo... I just figured out a great excuse for my sick fantasy about Dakota Fanning. I thought she was Amanda Seyfried." Screenshots also depict a homophobic side of Shelton, who posted numerous derogatory comments about gay people.

Shelton’s tweets put fans in a frenzy

Needless to say, the tweets haven’t pleased fans, who, according to Mirror, have taken to social media to display their reactions.

One fan wrote: "@BlakeShelton I can't believe you would say something so racist I will never buy your music again." Other fans say the comments weren’t surprising, painting him as a “white American country star," and "they're pretty much all racist rednecks.”

Where does this leave Blake and Gwen Stefani?

The tweets, which were quickly deleted once they began circulating online, follow recent rumors that Shelton and Gwen Stefani could be getting hitched.

E! News reports that the relationship is stronger than ever, and the recent surprise duet by Blake proves the couple can’t get any more perfect. The country star recently surprised his girlfriend on stage in Dallas while she started singing the duet song, Go Ahead and Break my Heart.

Guitar in hand, Shelton appeared on stage, mouthing the words back to her, making it a true duet! The performance came after Blake was blasted on social media for posting racist, sexist, and homophobic statements.

While Gwen hasn’t commented on the deleted tweets, she did call the Dallas show, “one of my favorite shows of the tour,” says Daily Mail. Does this mean Stefani doesn’t care about the messages?

What do you think about the deleted comments? Is Blake Shelton really homophobic, sexist or racist?

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