It all started on July 5, 2000. Big Brother aired for the first time in the US. The first season was structured differently and wasn't the hit the production team had hoped so they adapted. The second season they got the hit they had anticipated.

What did casting do different in the beginning?

In the beginning Big Brother would cast a very diverse group of people from different backgrounds and different ages. Watching them come together and figure out how to work together was very entertaining.The unexpected alliances that were born surprised the viewers and fooled the other houseguests.

The age of the Big Brother houseguests was much more diverse. There was a mix of 20s, 30s and 40s with a 50-something in the mix and sometimes someone in their late teens. Now it has become mainly 20s and early 30s with an older houseguest that is gone quick. The girls are all very attractive and look great in a bikini. The guys are muscles and bronze. And sadly, the contestants aren't always picked from the superfan base that applies but rather recruited by the show. Some have never been a fan yet get the privilege of competing for the $500,000.

What Big Brother has become is a breeding ground for a summer long soap opera full of bromances and showmances. Each season we see the men pick off the women until they get down to having to chose between their girl or their bro.In the early seasons, Big Brother didn't have the problems that we see now. The women weren't called horrible names. The lack of respect for women in general is horrendous.

Even the Diary Room sessions have changed

Remember the old Diary Room sessions? They were used to let the houseguests tell us their thoughts and strategies. Now they are used more to enhance the storyline of a showmance than to talk about the game and why they are on the strategic path they have chosen.

The US version of Big Brother is the longest running in the franchise according to

Are they ruining it? Surely this new versionisn't what America wants to see three times a week. What about diversity andsuperfans battling for the prize while remembering we are all deserving ofrespect?

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