As "Big Brother" fans, wetunein to the hit reality TVshow each summer. We are accustomed to tuning in three nights a week and having one of them be a live show.The only deviation from that was during the writer's strike in 2008 when the show premiered in February. The ratings were not as good as the summer ratings, however.

When will we see "Big Brother 19"?

CBS has announced they will start "Big Brother 19" within days of the finale of "Big Brother 18" which is scheduled for September 21st. The show will air on "CBS All Access" and will run only about 10 weeks, about a month shorter than a summertime season.

This will be the first competitive reality show to be streamed on a subscription service but will not replace the summertime TV showwe look forward too each year.

In the past Julie Chen has said that if the "Big Brother" series was ever invited to the Fall line up they would increase the budget for the series.The prize would be raised to $1,000,000 from the $500,000 we are used to. Because the Fall show will be on "CBS All Access" rather than primetime TV, we can expect the prize to remain at $500,000.

Julie Chen has been our host for the show since the very beginning. She has always been the one explaining the twists and turns to the "Big Brother" houseguests as well as conducting the exit interviews for the newly evicted. As of yet, there is no word on Julie's involvement in the new Fall season even though it has been announced that the same production team will be in charge of the show.

Could "Big Brother 20" be an All Stars season?

In an interview with ET, Julie Chen stated that she would love to see a real All Stars of the hit reality TV series. She proposed bringing the winners from all previous seasons backinto the"Big Brother"house to play against each other. This would give us our champion once and for all. Some fans are speculating that "Big Brother 19" being played this Fall could lead to an All Star Summer in 2017 for the milestone of "Big Brother 20"!

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