Tonightwhen Big Brother 18came to an end, they were still competing in the big HOH competition. Everyone was spinning around and holding on as tight as they could. By the time the show ended, they were still going strong. Big Brother Network shared big spoilers on who won the HOH this week straight from the live feeds.

Who ended up being the Have Not's?

When the feeds came on, James and Bridgette were already down. It looks like they didn't make it long at all. After that, Corey fell down. These three are the Have Not's for the week since they were the first three to get knocked down.

That also means that they are not going to win HOH. Paul also can't be HOH this week since he was the one who was HOH last week. Everyone else was still spinning around and trying for HOH at this point.

Who won the big HOH?

Things didn't go well for Michelle. She was the next one to go down, and this all happened with her puking. Michelle continued to throw up after she got down. Several other people were talking about the fact that they thought that they could end up throwing up as well. Natalie fell down and was lucky she didn't land in the puke because it was pretty close.

Zakiyah and Paulie were the next to go. That left just Natalie and Victor. These two fought it out for a while. Natalie wasn't coming down for anything, and she actually ended up peeing on herself instead of coming down so that she could use the restroom. Natalie and Victor were up there just the two of them for about an hour. Neither one of them was giving up easy at all.

Natalie ended up begging Victor to let her win or not put her up.

Finally, Natalie ends up dropping down, and Victor wins the HOH for week 7! This is pretty amazing considering that just a few weeks ago Victor wasn't even in the house.

Are you shocked to hear that Victor won the HOH for week 7? Who do you think that he will end up putting up this week? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes ofBig Brother 18 on CBS three times a week.

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