We saw the second returning houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house tonight. Da'Vonne found herself betrayed by her allies and on the losing end of a 6-2 vote for eviction. She became the first to enter the Jury House, where she will remain until the finale on September 21st.

As always, the Head of Household (HOH) Competition started following the live eviction tonight. The endurance comp was going as the show ended. As the houseguests stood on discs that were suspended and spinning, they were hit with hashtags from the internet.

The internet trolls were running about with bats as the Big Brotherhouseguests tried to avoid them.

Who was out of the competitionearly?

When the live show ended it took a few minutes to get the feeds back up. According to Joker's Updates,when the feeds returned, Bridgette and James were already down. The two were on the sidelines cheering on the other houseguests as the battle for HOH continued.Michelle was the next to fall but only after getting sick from all the spinning. She managed to hang on for a bit longer but eventually fell to face the internet trolls.

Nicole was the next to tumble and become victim to the trolls. These four will be Have Nots for the week.

And which "Big Brother" houseguests hung in the longest?

Zakiyah was the fifth to fall from her disc. Victor and Natalie each remained very determined to be crowned the new HOH so that they could receive a letter from their Moms.Paulie eventually stepped down and left the two to battle it out. Victor and Natalie remained on the discs and were cheered on by the fallen houseguests as well as Paul.

Natalie stated many times how much pain she was in. As she complained, Victor remained quieter. They tried several times to make a deal but neither wanted to be the one to drop. While Natalie's concernwas that she couldn't win competitions and had to go for this one, Victorwas determined because he has already been evicted once and thought he was going home. Each tried several times to get the other to drop, both promising safety.

Eventually the pain was too much for Natalie and she did give Victor the HOH with his promise of safety in the Big Brother house this week.

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