Big Brother 18 spoilers tease big drama could be headed to the CBS Reality TV show following the POV (Power of Veto) meeting on Monday morning. Nicole Franzel won the HOH (Head ofHousehold) endurance competition on Friday and put Michelle Meyer and Paul Abrahamian on the block. She encouraged them to fight for their safety in the POV competition. They both came up short and Nicole won the coveted POV. Nicole has all the power this week, and so far, she hasn't given any hint that she plans to change her nominations for Week 10.

Who is the Big Brother 18 target this week?

Online Big Brother reports that Nicole believes that Michelle a huge threat to her game. She feels she's a bigger threat to her than James Huling and Natalie Negrotti. She made Paul, Victor Arroyo, and Corey Brooks promise that they will vote her out of the house this week. Due to the fact that she wants Michelle out of the house so badly, many Big Brother 18 fans assumed that she could change the nominations to ensure that Michelle goes home. Her only choice is Victor, Jamesor Natalie.

The Big Brother 18 dilemma for Nicole is, at what point does she turn on her alliance to James and Natalie in order to get further in the game. If she puts James or Natalie on the block this week as the renomination choice, then she will show them that she has teamed up with Paul and Victor for the final four. James feels at ease with his alliance with Nicoleand has no idea that she plans to target them for Week 11.

POV Meeting Results

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Nicole decided not to change the nominations and Michelle and Paul are on the block.

One of them will leave the house this week, and it looks like Michelle will be sent to the jury house. Nicole briefly considered nominatingJames only to decide not to expose her alliance with Paul and Victor just yet. Besides that, she worried that Victor, Paul, and Corey would vote James out, keeping Michelle in the house another week.

Big Brother Network reports that James still believes that Paul will be evicted this week.

Nicole told him that he and Natalie are safe, and he has no reason to question that Nicole would target his alliance. He has no clue that Nicole plans to evict Michelle behind his back. The fact that James and Natalie are "out of the loop" is the first indication that they are on their way out of the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 18 fans, who do you think will go home on Thursday, September 1, Paul or Michelle?

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