The Big Brother 18 house has been full of secrets, lies, and blindsides this season, and week 9 will be no different. NatalieNegrotti won the HOH (Head of Household) competition this week. America picked Michelle Meyer for the Care Package which guaranteed her safetyand made her the co-HOH for the week. She had to name one of the two nominees for the weekand was able to sleep in the HOH room with Natalie.

POV Meeting Results

Online Big Brother reports that Natalie and Michelle decided to nominate Victor Arroyo and PaulAbrahamian for eviction.

At first, the plan was to target Paul, but he ruined those plansby winning the POV (Power of Veto). Of course, Paul used the POV to secure safety for himself, and Michelle named Corey Brooks as the replacement nominee.

It looks like Corey won't be leaving just yet either. James Huling and Natalie made a final four deal with Nicole Franzel and Corey. The plan is to evict Victor, which would take a huge threat out of the game. They plan to keep him in the dark, blindside him, and target Paul next. What they don't know yet is, there is a jury buyback in the works, and Victor could end up earning a spot to come back into the Big Brother house.This week, the nominees only need two votes to stay.

James will be the deciding vote and so far, he says he's keeping Corey.

Money For Safety

Late last night, James offered Natalie, Corey, and Nicole money to work together until the end of the Big Brother game. Immediately after offering the money, Big Brother turned off the feeds. The next thing you see is Nicole stating that Big Brother wanted to her to say that she will not offer or accept "gifts" in exchange for safety in the game.

Many fans were shocked that two veteran players (James and Nicole) would make such a rookie mistake. This rule is well known so it isn't as if they were aware of it.

Big Brother 18 fans, who do you think will leave the house this week, Corey or Victor? Do you think James and Nicole should be penalized for breaking a Big Brother rule?

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