"Big Brother 18" finally got interesting! Up until last week, many would agree this season has been slow. It appeared that the first half came and went quickly, with minimal memorable events. The biggest thing was Victor being able to battle his way back into the game. As it turns out, that was the best case scenario as he just made some very bold moves.

A double eviction just happened inside the "Big Brother" house. With that, Bridgette was evicted right behind Zakiyah. The contestants were given a bit to relax after playing hard but the new Head of Household (HOH) competition was held.

Victor won for the second time since returning to the house, and he made the biggest move of the season.

Nominations prove to be interesting

While the guys in the "Big Brother" house thought they were safe, Victor was busy plotting what his next move was going to be. Initially, there was talk of nominating Nicole and Corey. Unfortunately, that was blocked when Nicole was given the "Super Safety" care package. She will live to see another week in the house, but her showmance may be headed out the door.

Victor nominated Corey and Paulie for eviction.

According to Big Brother Leak, Paulie was crying about being nominated. "Big Brother 18" fans are excited about the big moveand are eagerly anticipating the Power of Veto (POV) competition that will be held. If Paulie wins, Corey will be voted out. Both have the ability to win competitions, but only one can save themselves.

Paulie made his own bed and now he has to lay in it

Paulie upset the house with his disrespect of Natalie. In fact, he angered many viewers as well. He took cheap shots at herand disrespected women in general. Now, he will have to answer for his behavior outside of the "Big Brother" house. It won't be easy at all. Paulie blew up his own game after he was exposed for who and what he truly is. There has been plenty of chatter about him across social media and if he is evicted on Thursday, many fans will be happy to see him go.

Since "Big Brother" spoilers are available everywhere, the moment the POV is played, the results will be announced immediately. The live feeds give info to those who want it because the players discuss what happened after competitions are played. Despite being physically fit, both Corey and Paulie want to stay in the house. At this point, it is all about who wants the POV more, Corey or Paulie.

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