Big Brother 18 teases that Natalie Negrotti could be faking her feelings for fan favorite, James Huling. At first, the fans were surprised when she stated that she really liked James. Sheadded that he was "her type' and latched on to him, depending on Huling for safety in the house. The past couple days, Natalie has shown that she may not like him as much as she indicated. It looks like she could have been faking her feelings for him, as a game move to get to the end.

Faking feelings to advance in Big Brother 18

It may seem like a shady move to fake a showmance with someone as a strategic move. A few weeks ago, many Big Brother fans felt they had a solid relationship and may be able to beat the odds and develop a successful relationship outside the house. It looks like the viewers may have jumped the gun because they are showing major cracks in their showmance, and it looks like the beginning of the end is near.

Natalie stopped pretending

Until Week 10, Natalie pretended to like James and made him believe that they had a real relationship.

He played for the two of them, and would sacrifice his own life in the game if it meant she would go farther. Natalie started picking on James, and everything he does bothers her. The Big Brother 18 game is apparently becoming too much for her, but could it be something more?

Big Brother 18 heartbreaking coming

The fans of the CBS Reality TV show predict that James will be devastated when he pieces it all together.

He will have to come to terms with the fact that Natalie may have been using him all along and never meant to maintain a relationship with him outside the house. It could be a hurtful blow to James' ego and if he pieces it together soon, it could lead to her eviction. James started to notice subtle hints that Natalie may not really like him. He questioned why she doesn't give him any affection without him asking first.

It looks like James may be coming to his senses, but it could be too late to save his life in the game.

Big Brother 18 fans, do you think Natalie really likes James? Would James evict her if he believes he's been played for a fool?

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