Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that NatalieNegrotti may be in trouble next week, unless her showmance partner, James Huling can pull off a big win during the next HOH (Head of Household) competition. James isn't known for being one that wants power in the house, so it's pretty likely that he will not try to win, even if he knows that his Big Brother 18 girlfriend could be evicted from the house.

Natalie and James are in real trouble

The fact is, no matter how you look at it, James and Natalie are in real trouble. Right now, they may feel as if they are unstoppable and will win the game, but nearly every person in the Big Brother 18 house has named them as their target.

No one wants to take them to the final two because they both have played a great social game, and could win. Of course, Natalie believes she is safe. Shetold Michelle Meyer thatit won't matter who wins HOHbecause she isn't considered a threat.

Big Brother Network reports that Corey Brooks and PaulAbrahamian named her and James as their target, with James being the bigger threat. The plan is they will take James out and then she will be easy to get out of the Big Brother house. Paul explains that once they remove James from the house, Natalie will be easier to control. Unless James wins the next HOH competition, Natalie will be in serious trouble. Natalie is not able to compete in the HOH competition being the outgoing co-HOH of week 9.

Natalie is lying to James to get further in Big Brother 18

Late last night, Paul told Victor that he suspects that Natalie is lying about her feelings for James. Paul explained that Natalie doesn't really want to be with him romantically and is using him to get to the end of the game. Victor agreed with Paul's assumption and wondered if James knew that she didn't really like him.

They decided not to tell James because they felt the revelation may hurt him. Victor felt that he must know the truth "deep down."

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks have talked about getting rid of Natalie and James. Everyone feels that they can't win against either one of them, and they want them out.

It is looking like Michelle will coast her way to the final two. The question is how will the jury buyback winner shake up the game for week 10?

Big Brother 18 fans, do you think Natalie and James are the next likely target in the house?

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