The double eviction in the "Big Brother" house last night was a big disappointment to many of the fans. Out of nowhere, Corey showed up to play the game. He won not only the HOH but also the POV! Holding all the power his nominees,Michelle and Bridgette, were on the block facing eviction. To the surprise of many, including the nominees, Bridgette was evicted and became the third player to join the jury.

Who is the new HOH?

Corey's reign was short-lived and a new Head of Household Competition was held last night before "Big Brother After Dark" #bbad aired. According to "Joker's Updates" Victor, who was the HOH last week, was eligible to play again because Corey was the official out-going HOH.

Victor again won the title of HOH and gets to keep the key for another week.The all guy alliance is in tatters since Paulie's game is blown up. Everyone sees that Paulie has been the real leader in the "Big Brother" house and his own best interest has been his main concern.

What's in the care package this week?

America's Care Package this week gives the "Big Brother" houseguest receiving it the power of Super Safety. The winner will wear a costume all week declaring Super Safety and will be safe from the threat of eviction. Nicole was America's choice for the protection of this package.

Victor had already promised Nicole that she was not his target but had told her he couldn't promise she wouldn't be nominated.

He was still working out a plan to nominate herallies Corey and Paulie. Victor was considering a backdoor option that could have included putting Nicole on the block until the POV Ceremony then putting Paulie on the block as the replacement nominee. Everyone in the "Big Brother" house except Nicole, Corey and Paulie knows that Paulie is the real target this week.

Victor and Paul have decided to stick with James and Natalie for a Final 4. The lines are drawn for another eventful week in the "Big Brother" house. Paulie was a participant in a lot of drama and tension last week andthat could easilycontinue as this week progresses.

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