Victor is our current HOH. This is his second reign since returning to the "Big Brother" house after winning the Battle Back. His last reign was uneventful and nominations went with the plan of his alliance. This time, however, Victor has made a big move that will change the game.

Paulie had been running the "Big Brother" house. He was pulling the strings as his fellow houseguests executed his plan week after week. Eventually his true colors came through when he verbally attacked Natalie. Everyone began to see the real Paulie except for Nicole and Corey. That loyalty earned Corey a seat on the block next to Paulie.

Nicole was given the care package containing Super Safety, which possibly saved her from going on the block or becoming a replacement nominee.

Who played in the Power of Veto Competition?

When it came time to pick players for this important competition it was obvious that an epic battle was about to ensue. Along with the HOH and current nominees,"Joker's Updates" tells usPaul, James, and Nicole were selected by random draw. Apparently some "Big Brother" houseguest felt that Nicole should have been exempt from this particular competition because of her Super Safety this week. The holder of the POV not only can veto a nominee, they cannot be used to replace the nominee they saved.

There is a lapse in time between the pick of the players and the actual competition.

The "Big Brother" houseguests decided to use that time to try to get Paulie upset so that he couldn't focus during the competition. Everyone except Nicole and Corey called him out on his manipulations so far in the game. Paulie, instead of admitting where he was wrong, tried to manipulate everything as him being self-sacrificing for the sake of others.

Who won and what does it mean?

Once the POV was over, Victor was the winner! With him holding all the power in the "Big Brother"house for the week his plan to evict Paulie is going well. Paulie has shown that he is a sore loser and threatened earlier today to leave the game if evicted rather than go to the Jury House.

This has been a very slow season in the "Big Brother" house. Half of the original houseguests have been evicted with very little controversy. Victor has finally shaken the house up and forced everyone to pick a side.

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