The game is heating up

We have seen several twists so far this summer in the Big Brother house. There were teams of four when the game started and safety for all members of the team if one of them became HOH. There was BB Roadkill that allowed for three nominees for eviction rather than two. We have siblings of former houseguests and returning houseguests.The viewers are stillvoting each week on America's Care Package.

The Big Brother Jury House is currently made up of Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, and Bridgette.

Right now the plan is to send Paulie to join them on Thursday night and there is no chance in sight for a flip on the votes. That will leave Paulie with the final envelope for Julie Chento open looking for a Round Trip Ticket. Of course there a slew of viewers who are hoping that Paulie does not have that ticket now that so much has come out with Paulie blowing up his game.

Last Thursday after the double eviction Julie Chen told us to tune in this Friday for a special Big Brother episode. She gave us no clue as to what the show would be about but being the superfans we are, we see the signs.Last year on Big Brother 17 with three jury members and a fourth being evicted live that nightthere was a special competition.

The jury members were on one side as the houseguests were on the other. As the jury members tried to outlast each other to return to the game, they also played for HOH. As we all remember John McGuire won his way back in that night as Vanessa took the HOH.

This year is being set up to go a little differently. It appears that Thursday night Paulie will be evicted, hopefully he will not have the Return Trip Ticket, though he possibly won't leave the game as he has threatened and we will have a Battle Back of sorts with the four jury members.

There is lots of speculation as to whyPaulie has not been removed from the house by production. Joker's Updates reports that Paulie has broken several rules at this point. He has also made statements that he was intentionally deceitful in order to get accepted into the Big Brother game to begin with.

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