Paulie may be gone from the Big Brother house but his pawns are still at work. Nicole had spent the last few days convincing Natalie that her and Corey could be trusted but Paul and Victor could not. Nicole relayed all the betrayals that Paulie had told her as he laid it all off onto Paul.

At the Nomination Ceremony Natalie nominated Victor and Michelle nominated Paul. Natalie was the driving force behind both nominations, however. She had been unwilling to consider putting up Nicole and Corey at all.

Natalie was totally under the influence of Nicole and just kept insisting that Michelle put up Paul and she would be the one to nominate Victor. Michelle got on board and put Paul up with a very spicy nomination speech.

Things changed quickly after the Nomination Ceremony

After the ceremony, with Paul and Victor on the block, there was drama in the Big Brother house. As it all came out,they realized that Michellehad been manipulated by a manipulated Natalie.Big Brotherspent the night preparing the houseguests for thePower of Veto competition.

There were hourly weather updates of storms named after the houseguests. Paul and Victor stayed up all night to catch everyreport as well as study potential questions that may be included. Michelle and Natalie kept them company and studied as well. They all were working together to right the wrongdonewith nominations.

According to Joker's Updates, when the players were picked for the POV, Corey and James joined Michelle, Natalie, Victor and Paul in the lineup.

Nicole was the host for the competition. In the end it wasPaul that won the Power of Veto!

What does this mean for the house?

Now thatPaul,Michelle's nominee,holds the power to veto a nomination, we can expect him to remove himself from the block. Corey, Nicole and James are the options to be a replacement nominee. Michelle should be nominating Corey in Paul's place but it seems that Victor will now be the target for eviction from the Big Brother house.

What the houseguests don't know, however, is we have another Battle Back coming!

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